Housing Crisis Displaces Around 200 Students At Atlanta University

For some students at Clark Atlanta University, this back to school season is anything but an excited time to reunite with friends. 

There are reports that somewhere between 150-200 students are currently without housing and classes start tomorrow. 

The University released a statement yesterday that claims that Freshman and Sophomores are required to live on campus and are given housing. There have been several people who have spoken out saying that this isn't true and that they are underclassman and still do not have a place to stay on campus. 

There are also Upperclassman who say they are without housing. Some are being asked to seek off-campus housing which for some is not an option (especially with less than 24 hours left until classes resume). 

The student center was filled with students and parents trying to find a resolution to the situation yesterday but Twitter indicates that they were not succesful. 

And it turns out this isn't even the first time  this has happened. 

Hopefully things get sorted out before tomorrow. 



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