Legal Loophole Allows 14-Year-Old To Run For Governor Of Vermont

Meet Ethan Sonneborn. 

Sonneborn is 14-years-old and is one of four candidates seeking to win the democratic nomination to become the next Governor of Vermont. 

And yes, you read that right. 

It turns out that there's a quirk in the laws of both Kansas and Vermont that allow this. There were several teens who ran in the last Kansas Governor's race. 

The only requirements to run for Governor of Vermont is that you live in the state for four years and, if you are minor, you have your parents' permission. Sonneborn met both requirements and is eligible to run for Vermont's highest office before he's even old enough to vote himself or drive a car.

Sonneborn claims that age has been less of a factor in his campaign than you might think. He claims he is running because he is tired of politicians catering to the needs of lobbyists and corporations and not to the people they represent. 

Today is the primary for the race. Should Sonneborn win, he will drop out of high school and run in the general election. 

But even if he loses today, he says that he's not done in politics. 



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