Horse Attempts To Sue Former Owner Due To Neglect

Photo Credit: Carolyn Van Houten/The Washington Post

In the above picture, Justice may look like he's a happy horse but unfortunately, he's still recovering from his ordeal at the hands of an abusive owner. 

Justice is an 8-year-old American Quarter horse who used to be named Shadow. When he was seen by a vet last year, he was severely underweight, had a coat that was covered in lice and was suffering from severe frostbite. 

He'd been left outside and underfed and since then, his owner has confessed to criminal neglect. 

Now lawyers are suing the former owner under Justice's name for $100,000 dollars to cover veterinarian bills as well as set up a trust for him no matter who his caretaker is. 

The question being raised here is does a horse have legal rights to sue a person. There have been cases in the past where the animal plaintiff have lost because judges don't believe they can. Allowing something like this would set a precedent.

Hopefully there is Justice for Justice and he finds a home. For now, he's at an animal rescue in Oregon. 

Check out the Washington Post for more and the legal history on animal-based legal cases. 


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