Methods to Get Kids on Sleep Schedule for the New School Year

With students heading to school, it's back to the fight over sleep and wake-up times for children and teens. 

If your children have a tough time getting going in the morning, one doctor says there are steps you can take to fix that. 

Experts recommend kids get about 10 hours of sleep each night.  They said parents should also stick to a schedule. 

This works best when parents have their children cut back on caffeine and distractions like TV's and computers.

Doctor Brett Kuhn said an electronics curfew of about 45 minutes before bedtime is a good idea.

"Clearly we know after looking at 67 different studies, that children who have a lot of screen time have less sleep," Dr. Kuhn said.

According to Dr. Kuhn, not getting enough sleep can lead to kids having issues with productivity and lower grades.

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