Watch This Nerf Battle On A Floating Island

Five guys battled it out on a floating island with a bunch of Nerf guns and it was actually quite amusing  to watch. 

The channel, Dude Perfect, uploaded the video yesterday which features the five guys battling it out over the course of three rounds to be able to crown a winner. 

In the first round, they start at the top of a hill, have to get down the hill, run along the track, around a corner and shoot a target with a nerf gun. 

Sounds easy right. 

It does until you take into account that you are on a floating island, there's four guys also trying to do it, and if you fall into the lake, you have to get yourself back on the track. 

Round 2 involved them running the course blindfolded, though for the shooting portion, they were allowed to take the blindfold off. 

The winner of both rounds got to move on to the finale where they met head to head in a race around the island before having to pop a red balloon. 

It was quite humorous to watch theses guys run along this track, fall into the lake, shove each other into the lake, and just have fun. 

Check out the video below.  



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