Teacher Uses $1 Bills To Teach A Life Lesson

Bailey Koch has been a special education teacher for seven years and has found a way to take a $1 bill and use it to teach her students a valuable life lesson. 

She hangs two bills beside each other on the ceiling and then calls two students up. The catch is one is noticeably taller than the other. She then tells them to reach for the bills and the first one to get them gets both. 

But that doesn't sound fair, does it? The taller one is going to get it just because he's taller. 

And that's the point Koch is trying to make. So, a bit later in the day she'll do it again and give the shorter kid a chair. 

She says that's no different than the accommodation that special needs classes can give. What she's trying to tell students is that we all deserve to be able to reach the same goals, some just may need a bit more help to get there. 

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