BREAKING: Lynchburg Announces It Will Leave College Lake Drained

The City of Lynchburg and the University of Lynchburg have decided to not refill College Lake and remove the dam.

Since  the flooding on August 2, which overtopped the College Lake Dam and  resulted in evacuation of homes downstream, the city and university  leadership have worked to develop a vision for the lake.

Instead  of filling the lake and fixing the dam, they will transition the lakebed  into a wetlands ecosystem featuring an urban wetlands learning  laboratory, where students, residents, tourists, and other schools can  study urban wetland ecology and enjoy time in nature.

"This  project marks yet another way the City is proud to continue its  long-standing partnership with the University of Lynchburg. Although we  wish these plans were being made through better circumstances, moving  forward with the restoration of Blackwater Creek and the establishment  of wetlands at the former lake will allow us to be good stewards of both  the environment and our community," said Bonnie Svrcek, Lynchburg City  Manager.

Lakeside Drive should re-open in 2-3 weeks.

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