Driving To Lockn' This Week? Here's What You Need To Know

Drivers in Nelson County are being warned of possible congestion and  changes in traffic patterns on Route 29 and side roads near Oak Ridge  Estate in Lovingston from Wednesday through Monday, August 22-27.

The  highest traffic volumes are expected overnight Wednesday through early  Thursday evening, late afternoon Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and into  midday Monday.

There will also be heavier-than-normal traffic on Route 665 from Route 29 to Route 668 and Route 668 to Route 650 on Thursday.

Traffic pattern changes include:

  • Early festival arrival  traffic on Wednesday will be directed off Route 29 to Route 29 Business  (Front Street) in Lovingston, to Route 56 and right onto Route 650.
  • From  Wednesday evening to Thursday evening, all crossovers from the U-turn  location (between Ross Road and Morse Lane) to the first crossover north  of Route 650 will be closed. On Thursday evening, the U-turn will be  shifted north to South Lena Rose Lane. The crossovers south of Route 56  will be opened and those between the U-turn and the first crossover  north of Route 650 will remain closed until Sunday evening.
  • On  Wednesday evening through the day on Thursday, Route 650 between Route  56 and Route 29 will be closed intermittently. Route 653 may be closed  to event traffic.
  • Through traffic on Route 29 South will use  the right lane; event traffic will use the left lane, and through  traffic on Route 29 North will use the left lane from north of Route  739; event traffic will use the right lane.

If you are  considering an alternate route, you are encouraged to use Route 151 from  the intersection of Route 29/151 in Amherst County to the intersection  of Route 250/151 in Albemarle County.

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