Netflix Tests Playing Trailers Between Episodes

Netflix has started to test playing trailers for their original programming in-between episodes of shows on their service and subscribers aren't happy.

One thing Netflix has over Amazon Prime and Hulu is the lack of ads but they're looking to change that. Right now, the ads seem limited to promoting their own original programming (very similar to Amazon Prime who's ads are heavily focused in that direction). 

What do you think? 

Personally, as someone who wasn't overly happy with them increasing the price of their service earlier this year, I'm not a fan of this idea of this becoming a thing. The reason a lot of people go to Netflix before either Amazon Prime or Hulu is because they can watch without ads. 

No idea if this will become a thing for all users and how much more they'll charge for an ad-free experience like Hulu. 

Check out some reactions below. 



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