Salon Owner Offers Free Haircuts To Autistic Children

For kids with autism, something as simple as getting a haircut can be a huge challenge. Myra Hernandez understands this well because her own daughter, Brianna, has autism, so she dedicates her spare time to providing free haircuts to children with autism and sensory processing issues.

On the last Sunday of every month, for the last five years, parents bring their autistic kids to her St. Cloud, Florida salon for a cut. Some of these children go months without a haircut because of their sensory issues, but Hernandez uses special trimmers that only make a little noise to trim their hair. She also turns the music off and can dim the lights if that helps calm her young clients.

"We need this is in the community. There aren't that very many that provide. So, I'm doing it for them," Hernandez explains. "They're just grateful. Grateful for someone who understands the trials."



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