Want To Eat At Olive Garden For A Year? Here's How

Olive Garden will be selling annual passes to their never ending pasta menu for a very limited window on August 23, 2018. 

Starting at 2pm, people can log onto the webpage and have their chance to buy one of two passes. There's a 8-week passes that is $100 plus tax. This gives you unlimited access to the never ending pasta menu for eight weeks. Olive Garden will be selling 23,000 of these tomorrow. 

But, for those who really love their pasta, you could get one of 1,000 passes that are good for a whole year. They don't come cheap at $300 plus tax, but think of all the pasta you could get. 

Once the window opens, there's a half hour to buy them (or until they sell out). You can only do one per transaction and there will be a waiting area for people should someone's transaction not go through in time. 

Check out the page here!



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