Virginia Neighborhood Wakes Up to More Than 20 Vintage TVs on Front Porches

A Glen Allen neighborhood woke up yesterday morning to find dozens of vintage box television sets sitting on their front porches.

Robyn Schorr told WRVR-TV her husband found a Toshiba FST Black Stripe television dated February 1986 sitting outside their front door.

Schorr said she posted a photo of the TV on a neighborhood discussion page where others said they also got a TV.

"Apparently down the road they have lots of TVs delivered to their houses," she told WTVR. "People were calling them Trojan horses saying 'Don’t put them inside your house. Who knows what can happen.'"

Neighbors estimated more than 20 vintage televisions were left at homes.

Get the full story at ABC-13 WSET.


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