Most Job Seekers Thing Ghosting A Company Is Perfectly Reasonable

We’ve all heard of ghosting in relationships, but ghosting in the workplace is a real thing, and it seems more and more job applicants think it’s a perfectly acceptable practice.

Ghosting in the workplace is when job seekers abruptly cut off communication with a company when they decide not to pursue a job, and while that may seem rude to some, others don’t feel the same way. In fact, a new survey finds that 40% of job seekers think it’s reasonable to ghost companies during the interview process, with 48% saying it’s reasonable particularly during the early stages of interviewing. 

So, why would someone ghost a company? Well, the most common reason is that they’ve accepted another job (30%) although 19% say it’s because they felt the job wasn’t a good match. Some are also getting back at the companies, with 23% saying they ghost a company when that company stops communicating with them.

And while job seekers think it’s perfectly okay to ghost a company, they aren’t happy when it’s the other way around. Turns out, 35% of job seekers think it’s very unreasonable for a company to ghost an applicant, while only 21% think it’s unreasonable for an applicant to ghost a company.

Source: Clutch



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