Why We’re Obsessed With True Crime

No matter where you turn these days, there’s a true crime story to ingest. We can’t help ourselves, either. We have to watch or listen to it. In the last 10 years, the genre has exploded so much there are three cable channels devoted to telling the victims’ stories.

The “Serial” podcast, “Making A Murderer,” and “O.J.: Made In America” took our obsession to a whole new level. Why can’t we turn away? Two reasons: curiosity and a need to crush injustices. At least according to true crime author Benjamin Stevenson.

He says we can’t help but be curious. We ask how someone can take another life and watch to try and find the answer. There usually is no answer, though. This is real time, real world stuff. The detective in us wants to dig deeper.

Then there is that burning sense of injustice most of us have. We hate seeing someone wronged and we love it when karma pays the bad guys back. When they are about wrongly accused killers, the anger we feel is right there. It’s good to see justice and rebel against a sometimes broken system. So go ahead and indulge! You are perfectly normal…at least as any of us can be.

Source: MamaMia


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