Cancer Survivor’s Stolen Bike Returned

The specially modified bicycle belonging to a three-time cancer survivor was stolen from his Seattle home, but a homeless man helped him get it back. Shannon Loys admits she was angry when someone took her husband’s bike, so she made a poster to let the thief know exactly what they had taken in hopes of having it returned.

“Dear steaming pile of garbage bike thief,” the poster reads. “That bike you stole belongs to my sweet husband, a three-time cancer survivor. It was specially modified for his physical needs.”

Loys says her hubby’s cancer left him with one leg shorter than the other and the modification helps with the rotation of his knee, so it was pretty important to him and the couple was afraid they’d never see the bicycle again. But a homeless man called Keith found the bicycle - it was in pieces, but they were all there - and he made it his mission to get the bike back to its owner. Keith stopped someone at a store and asked them to call Loys and let them know.

Keith told Loys he thinks the thief abandoned the bicycle after seeing her flyer and she believes him. She says she was “overwhelmed with gratitude” to get the bicycle back with Keith’s help.

Source: AJC



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