Browns Victory Fridge Remains Locked After Tie With Steelers

When the Cleveland Browns intercepted Ben Roethlisbergerof the Steelers in the final minute of overtime, every Browns fan in Cleveland had to be ready to raise a glass.

But, less than a minute later, they realized that glass was not to be Bud Light.

Because even though the Browns found a way to not lose yesterday, for the first time in over a year, they didn’t find a way to win as the Steelers blocked a chip shot field goal with just 12 seconds left to secure a 21-all tie.

Prior to the season, Bud Light installed a series of locked “victory fridges” in Cleveland bars. They’re stocked with beer that will be free to take, but the catch is those fridges will only be unlocked once the Browns win a game.

The operative word is WIN… not “not lose.”

“Cleveland. You fought hard. Unfortunately, the #BrownsVictoryFridgeonly opens with a W. But after that game, we doubt they'll stay locked for long.” Bud Light tweeted.

Considering the Browns travel to New Orleans Sunday to face a Saints team lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Week 1 and is sure to be angry, I think that beer is chilling at least til Week 3.



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