Clean-up Of World’s Biggest Oceanic Garbage Patch Begins

The device that’s going to help collect plastic litter in the world’s largest garbage patch is heading to work. The 2,000 foot long floating boom has been towed from San Francisco, heading to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch - an island twice the size of Texas - floating between California and Hawaii.

The system was designed by The Ocean Cleanup, a group founded by Boyan Slat, a 24-year-old innovator who became passionate about cleaning ocean trash after scuba diving in the Mediterranean Sea and seeing more plastic bags than fish. The floating U-shaped barrier is made of plastic and has a 10 foot deep screen that’s supposed to act like a coastline, trapping plastic while allowing marine animals to swim under it safely.

Slat says researchers in his organization have found plastic going back to the 1960s in the patch and that the time to act is now. His group also has huge goals for the cleanup; They hope to “remove 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.”

Source: NBC News



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