Kind Strangers Come Together To Save Woman’s Home

Dozens of strangers have come together to help a grandmother with home repairs. Gina Gibson’s Independence, Missouri house was in bad shape, she says it needed siding and gutter repairs and she was having some issues with her garage as well. They got letters from the city about the home not being up to code, but without funds to do the necessary work, she was stuck.

So Gibson asked for help and she got it. About 30 strangers showed up to work at her house, bringing the tools, supplies, and people needed to get the job done. The crew was made up of members of the Claycomo Ford Plant’s United Auto Workers Union 249, who worked hard so Gibson didn’t lose her house.

“I was kind of not believing in people anymore and this just restored my faith in people,” Gina Gibson said. “It’s pretty cool.”

Source: Sunny Skyz



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