Lynchburg Fire Department outlines plans for potential flooding

With the potential for flash flooding in the days ahead, the Lynchburg Fire Department has a plan in place to keep your family safe.

Chief Greg Wormser told ABC 13, based on previous experiences and rescues, they were able to plan for this one.

Wormser wants to remind people to never drive through water on a road. You don't know how deep the water goes. While the water may have only been a few inches deep earlier, it could be several feet deep later in the day. He said water can move a car quickly and easily.


There are areas in Lynchburg that are prone to flooding and the fire department is already taking action in those neighborhoods.

"We've asked the folks on Greenwood Drive to evacuate by Friday morning. That was part of our original plan and that has not changed. Obviously if the storm track continues to favor us and favor our area, we would certainly let those folks know they can go back to their homes as soon as it's safe to do so," Worsmer said.

The fire department will bring in staff as needed and overtime personnel.

They said make sure you are prepared and check on your neighbors.


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