Local: Lynchburg Family Worried About Beach House in North Carolina

The wrath of Hurricane Florence is already affecting people in Lynchburg.

Susannah Cox said she grew up in Lynchburg, but her summer memories are in Duck, N.C. where her parents built a beach house themselves back in 1984.

“I lived down there every summer growing up,” Cox said. “I worked there since I was the age of 13. We have never rented it. It has just been a family house.”

family house that is still just like old times.

“The tv this about this big and it is upstairs because you are not down there to watch tv, you are down there for the beach,” Cox said.

It was a place to make memories in the sand, cook together, fish and cherish the moments with each other.

“It is my favorite place in the world,” Cox said. “For the first time I am actually really scared that something is going to happen.”

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