Jury Selection Expected to Begin in Murder of 13-Year-Old Blacksburg Girl

The trial of Natalie Keepers is expected to begin today in Montgomery County.  

Keepers is accused of helping David Eisenhauer with the murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell in 2016. 

Last month, Keepers plead guilty to concealing the body of Lovell, but she did not plead guilty to accessory before the fact of murder. The guilty please could carry a sentence of up to five years. 

The Commonwealth's attorney argued that Keepers helped David Eisenhauer plan this murder and that it was pre-meditated. 

Her defense says that she only helped conceal the body of Lovell and therefore evidence after the murder should not be considered. 

Lovell's mother, Tammy Weeks Dowdy believes Keepers acted with Eisenhauer the whole time. 

"I don't see MY daughter crawling out of her window and getting out of vehicle with just a guy she met online, I see another girl being there, and it had to be her," Weeks said.

The judge said he would decide what evidence is allowed as the trial begins. 

Nicole Lovell, 13, went missing in late January of 2016 and dhe was found dead in North Carolina a few days later.

Police charged David Eisenhauer and Natalie Keepers.

Eisenhauer is spending 50 years behind bars for the murder.

Source:  ABC-13 WSET


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