Campbell Co. Sheriff's Office Warns of Thefts in Unlocked Vehicles

Recently, the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office has received reports of property being stolen from unlocked vehicles all throughout the county. As a result, law enforcement officials are requesting that citizens take added care in securing their valuables, and ensuring that their vehicles are locked when exiting them.

Thieves such as this are opportunistic, meaning they will randomly try doors, to see what will open, and then search the contents to find items of value.

“It may sound like a common sense practice, but sometimes we become too comfortable,” said Captain Mike Lawhorn, spokesperson for the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. “When your guard is down, is when thieves take advantage.”

Lawhorn suggests that it is always best not to leave valuables in the car, but if you have to, make sure they are secure in the trunk.

“The best way you can protect your vehicle and its contents is by not leaving valuables inside,” said Lawhorn. “Be sure to lock your car doors every time you exit the vehicle. That way, when a thief attempts to gain access, they’ll recognize the vehicle is locked and secure, and move on.”

Photo: Getty Images


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