Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day

September 20th is National Pepperoni Pizza DayHungry? Today’s a day to chow down with one of America's favorite meals. Pizza is a favorite of young and old. Originating from Italian cuisine, it's been a staple in the American diet for decades. For many American families "Pizza night" is a Friday or Saturday routine. It's also popular at parties.

You can have pizza anyway you want. There's thin or thick crust...even Sicilian. Extra cheese is the "norm" for many cheese pizza lovers. But today? It’s all about the pepperoni. And while Pizza might be most heavily associated with the Italians, pepperoni pizza is purely an American invention.

To celebrate Pepperoni Pizza Day, just order one! Or, make a homemade pie! Have a happy Pepperoni Pizza Day!



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