Fashion Mistakes You’re Making While Traveling

While most people love to go on vacation, packing is another story. It’s hard to know exactly what to bring with you on a trip, and it seems a lot of us are making some big mistakes when it comes to the wardrobe we choose to bring with us.

While you may not put a lot of thought into what you’re going to wear on vacation, choosing the right clothes and shoes can be important. If you pick the wrong stuff you could wind up with foot pain or worse, and you could also wind up unintentionally offending locals.

Fashion mistakes people make while traveling include:

  • Underdressing – Yes you’re on vacation, but there is such a thing as dressing too casually on vacation. In fact, if your clothes are too casual it could be seen as disrespectful, and it may even prevent you from getting in to some sites or restaurants. 
  • Bad shoes – Yes, sneakers are comfortable, but you shouldn’t look like you’re headed to the gym while out and about. Try a classic loafer that goes with most outfits, and if you’re worried they’ll hurt your feet, add some insoles for extra cushion. 
  • Flip-Flops – Worse than running sneakers, flip-flops really should only be worn if you’re going to the beach. They really aren’t good walking shoes, and it’s just not smart to wear them around a city you aren’t familiar with. 
  • Shorts on the Plane – Unless you’re hot blooded, chances are you’re going to freeze wearing shorts on a plane. If it’s hot outside, opt for relaxed pants that breathe so you’re not shivering during along flight. There are even some cases where an airline may ask you to change if you’re wearing shorts, but it’s rare. 
  • Revealing Clothing – Know the customs where you’re traveling before packing, because there are plenty of countries where women are expected to dress modestly, like the Middle East. Plus certain religious sites require women to cover up before entering, so if you're outfit is too revealing, you may be turned away.
  • Obnoxious T-shirts – Unless you want to get into an argument with a local, leave your political shirts at home, and even items with sports teams or designer logos may not be smart, because revealing your opinions in your clothing may make you a target.
  • Over-active wear – Athleisure may be fine for a run to Target at home, but it’s really not appropriate for travel, except maybe when you’re on the plane. Wearing workout leggings and such can easily tag you as an ugly American. 
  • Backpacks – Travel backpacks will likely be a huge hassle to everyone around you, so leave them at home, or in the hotel. Nobody wants to bump into your huge backpack while taking in the sites at a popular tourist destination, or on packed train or bus.

Source: USA Today 


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