Researchers Give Dog With Cancer 3D-Printed Piece Of Skull

Researchers in Canada have used 3D-printing technology to replace most of a dog’s skull. Patches, a nine-year-old dachshund, lost the majority of her skull to cancer and is the recipient of what is believed to be the first major dog skull replacement using this technology.

Patches had a brain tumor the size of an orange that grew through her skull and would’ve been fatal and removing it caused her to lose 70% of her skull. But her procedure went very well, according to veterinary surgical oncologist Michelle Oblak. Patches is now cancer-free and vets say they hope this could become more widely available on a broad scale.

"It's pretty amazing what they did for my girl," Patches’ owner, Danielle Dymeck, explains. “I feel lucky to be her owner and she’s still the boss of the house.”

Source: CBC



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