Seven Arrested In Amherst County For Illegally Dumping Trash

The Amhest County Sheriff's office says that have said that as the green fades away this fall, people may find trash that was illegally dumped on their property.

"Some people find this a laughable offense and choose to make off hand comments on social media regarding the Sheriff's Office enforcement of this crime," they wrote on Facebook. "However, we investigate ALL crimes to include the illegal dumping of trash on private/public property."

This year, seven people so far have been charged with illegally dumping trash in Amherst County.

  • Wayne Everett Andrews Jr., 24, Lynchburg
  • Stacy Clayborne Clark, 47, Madison Heights
  • Amy Lee Goodwin, 57, Madison Heights
  • Ryan Amos Grooms, 28, Madison Heights
  • Naomi Jael Jehudiyah, 55, Lynchburg
  • Richard Kevin Mays, 54, Madison Heights
  • Stacey Randall Mays, 62, Amherst

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