Teen Gets Homecoming Invite From Pageant Winner After Being Bullied

Utah High school junior Michael Conrad was excited to get invited to the homecoming dance by a cheerleader, until he found out it was a prank. When word of the bullying incident reached his former debate teacher, Jenn Palomino, she decided to do something about it.

Some people don’t realize it, but Michael has autism. He’s high functioning, but some students aren’t mature enough to handle people with differences, so Palomino enlisted some help from a friend who put her in touch with Dexonna Talbot, current Greater Miss Salt Lake. The pageant winner was happy to get involved when she heard about Michael’s fake homecoming invitation, she surprised him during class and asked him to be her date to the dance and he happily accepted.

Check out the picture of the two of them from this past weekend below!

Source: KSL



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