Bedford: Pleads Guilty To Death Penalty Crime

One of five accused MS-13 gang members charged in the death of a Lynchburg teen last year has pleaded guilty to his charges.

 Lisandro Antonio Posada-Vasquez, 25, is one of the alleged MS-13 gang members charged in the slaying of 17-year-old Raymond Wood on March 27, 2017.

Posada-Vasquez  pleaded guilty to capital murder, robbery, abduction for pecuniary  benefit, and participation in a criminal act in association with a  criminal street gang.

Wood was found dead in the 1700 block of Roaring Run Road in Bedford County.

According to a warrant, Danny Ventura, of Maryland, drove Posada-Vasquez, Cristian Sanchez-Gomez, and Kevin Soto-Bonilla from Maryland to Lynchburg to meet up with Victor Rodas and Josue Coreas-Ventura.

Coreas-Ventura,  Soto-Bonilla, and Sanchez-Gomez are also charged with capital murder,  robbery, abduction for pecuniary benefit, and participation in a  criminal act in association with a criminal street gang.

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