Winemaker Who's Entire Crop Was Stolen Faces More Obstacles

The owners of Firefly Hill Vineyards say they were shocked and devastated when their entire crop was stolen overnight

They say some good has come out of the theft. An unbreakable bond between two families on different sides of the country has been created.

David Dunkenberger and his wife never expected the response they got after their crop was stolen, especially from someone all the way in Washington state.

The owners of Alexandria Nicole Cellars in Prosser, Washington heard about the heist reached out on Facebook to offer their own harvest.

We initially said thank you we just don’t know what we were doing," said Dunkenberger. "I think we were probably both in shock."

After talking more and more, they said the exchange just felt right. 

"Next thing you know I'm on a plane out to Washington," Dunkenberger said.

While there he was able to pick 2.5 tons of grapes to take back to Virginia.

But now, they've faced another roadblock.

Get the full story HERE from ABC-13 WSET.


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