Musician Touched by Homeless Vets Paying It Forward

Adam Kightlinger is a musician who offered his tips for the day to a homeless vet. But he was touched after seeing how the man paid the money forward. He recently shared his experience of playing in the streets of San Diego on Facebook. 

As dozens of passersby’s dropped money in his guitar case, Adam noticed three homeless men vibing to his music. After an hour or so one of the men, Michael Briggs, asked the musician for a dollar to buy a sandwich. Instead of giving him a dollar, Adam told the man to take all the money he’d earned – about $65 bucks – “because you are hungry and in a few hours, you are going to be hungry again, you’ll need some extra cash to get a big meal.” 

With tear-filled eyes, Michael said he couldn’t take all of Adam’s money. However, he wanted to share the cash with other homeless veterans nearby. According to Adam, “Every single man and woman I met today in that group (which grew to 10 people by the time my conversation was done with them) were all Navy, Marine, Army and Air Force veterans and served for 10 to 25 years each.” 

That’s not all. When a stranger witnessed the way “one single act of kindness blew up into a wave of giving,” he decided to give Adam $30 and told him he also “deserved to be taken care of” and “walked away with a smile.”

Source:Good News Network



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