Wanted In Pulaski County

This  week on Theft Thursdays, we have 2 contestants that really want the  several day getaway up for grabs !! We will call them “red hat” and  “white hat”.  Red hat heisted some beer. Probably wasn’t even the  good stuff. Nevertheless, beer is beer and we have to treat all beer  equally. Red hat needs help making good choices and I’m not talking  about his wardrobe either. If you happen to know our fashionably  challenged friend, please help us help him.White hat seems to have a  thing for TVs. I guess he needs them all so he can be sure to catch all  his shows. I’d say he’s sitting down somewhere right now binge watching  soap operas and eating a bag of Cheetos. Hopefully he’s got  enough  snacks for everybody !!  

 If you happen to be so lucky as to know  one or both of these individuals or the place they’re currently hiding  their loot, please give us a call or send us a message. We appreciate  all the help and want you to know that we couldn’t do it without you.  But, the first person to correctly identify one or both of these fine  young men, may have won dozen donuts !!

Pulaski County Sherriff


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