Roanoke Dog Pound At Full Capacity; Urgent Adoptions Needed

The Regional Center for Animal Care and Protection is asking for help because it has reached capacity for large, stray dogs.

The center said it got a high number of intakes for large dogs in the last couple of weeks, most of them are either a stray or owner-relinquished dogs.

They said all kennels are at full capacity at this time in both stray (owner relinquished dogs stay in the stray side of the shelter until they have been completely vetted) and available large dogs for adoption.

If you're missing a dog, they ask you to come by the shelter on Baldwin Avenue, NE to see if your dog is at the shelter.

If you're interested in adoption, they are also asking you to visit and adopt a dog so kennel space can be made available for more dogs that are being brought in.

Get the full story and see the photo gallery HERE from ABC-13 WSET.


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