Is Social Services' Staffing Issues Putting Children At Risk?

Everyone who knew her called her sweet with a big, beautiful smile, but Amarah Lane isn’t the only child who lost her life at the hands of a relative. She’s just one of the most recent.

When a child dies while local agencies are supposed to be watching, everyone wants to know what happened.

According to numbers from the Commonwealth of Virginia, a death happens, on average, about three times a month.

Amarah Lane came into the world October 22, 2016 and she’s currently buried in Potter’s Field at Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg.

Family Members and friends say it is a tragic end to a complicated life and they did everything they could prior to her death to warn the Department of Social Services about her abuse and looked into how they could take custody of the child.

"Just thinking that child was in that house with this monster, and she just hitting her and probably yelling at her and the baby had no escape," laments Cynthia Puryear, Amarah's grandmother.

The monster, according to friends and family, was the little girl’s own mother, Fantasia Lane.

Get the full story HERE from ABC-13 WSET. 


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