Pentatonix Christmas Special To Feature Kelly Clarkson And Backstreet Boys

Tis the season for Christmas music and for our favorite Christmas specials. Though they've only been airing Christmas specials for a few years now, Pentatonix have proven that they're one of THE names in Christmas music. 

Fans of the popular acapella group rejoiced last week when the group announced that they are returning to NBC on Monday, December 10 for a new special "A Not So Silent Night." 

If they weren't excited at the idea of seeing the group perform songs from their newest Christmas album "Christmas Is Here," then the guest list got them excited. Kelly Clarkson will be there,  most likely doing the track from the album "Grownup Christmas List" that she already recorded with the group. 

The Backstreet Boys will also join the group and if you aren't excited to hear 10 people singing something Christmas acapella, then get excited because it happens next week! 



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