Ice On Passing Car Smashes Man's Windshield

A Bedford County man is making a plea for drivers to brush the snow and ice off of their cars in wintry weather.  

As Scott Elvira headed to work yesterday morning, his windshield got smashed by ice flying off of another car.

"I left early so I could drive slower because I wasn't sure how the roads were going to be," Elvira said. 

Only five minutes away from work, he saw a white SUV was coming in the opposite direction, which is when he noticed the ice sliding. 

"It was going to hit the car," Elvira said. "I was like ohhh and then boom!" 

His windshield is now smashed because someone didn't clean off their car.

"I just kind of braced myself for the hit and it smashed and it smashed pretty good actually," Elvira said.

He said the SUV kept going and he couldn't see the license plate.

"I don't think they realized what happened," he said.

Based on his research, the cost to repair the windshield will be between $200 and $300.

So, Elvira has a message for everyone: "Scrape the ice off your car. It's safer that way for everyone else."

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office says they do not have any specific rules about whether you can be ticketed if snow or ice damages someone else's car.

In Virginia, state police say it is not a law that you have to clean off your car.




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