Jeffrey Dean Morgan is Headed Back for Supernatural's 300th Episode

Supernatural started off as a simple horror show with the slogan: "Saving People, Hunting Things: The Family Business."

Now, with 300 episodes filmed, "Supernatural" is now the CW Network's longest running scripted program.

In the pilot, the show starts with 2 brothers, Sam and Dean, having to go look after their dad who is on a 'hunting trip' and hasn't come back or has been heard from in days. Fast forward 15 seasons later, Sam and Dean have taken on the roles of monster hunting, vampire killing, dying but coming back with the help of their loosely-termed "guardian angel" Castiel - have been to hell and back LITERALLY...and with the 300th episode comes the epic return of their father, John Winchester, portrayed by none other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who, since the start of Supernatural, is best known for his roles as Denny in "Grey's Anatomy" and Negan on "The Walking Dead."

Fans have been anxiously waiting for his return since 2007 - and equally as excited waiting for John to meet Castiel face to face.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan makes his epic return as the head of the Winchester clan on February 7th on the CW.


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