BREAKING: Michael Cohen Pays Liberty CIO $50,000 to Manipulate Polls

The Wall Street Journal reports that Michael Cohen paid a chief information officer at Liberty University $50,000 to manipulate two online polls in Trump's favor back in 2015.

According to John Gauger, Cohen handed him a bag loaded with cash at a meeting at Cohen's Trump Organization office.

Cohen did not deny the report in a tweet this morning saying, 'what I did was at the direction of and for the sole benefit of Trump.'

Updates to this story: ABC13.


Liberty University provided the following statement:

Liberty University, like many other educational institutions, has permitted its employees for many years to engage in business, consulting and other side work that does not interfere with their employment obligations to the University. Also, like other organizations, Liberty recognizes the strong demand for highly skilled IT professionals creates special challenges in recruiting and retaining talented employees with those skills and experience. The opportunity for Liberty’s IT employees to develop businesses and products is particularly important to attracting and maintaining Liberty’s IT talent. John Gauger is one example among many outstanding LU employees who have made great contributions in their official roles and also enjoyed success as independent entrepreneurs, allowing them to enhance their capabilities and generate more revenue for their families while allowing the University to retain them on our team.


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