Dog Is Reunited With Family After 18 months; 120 Mile Trek

A sweet little dog found herself a long way from home, but thanks to new technology she was reunited with her family.

Friends of Campbell County Animal Control said that Ginger, a terrier mix, was found as a stray off Leesville Road in the Greenview Drive area on Saturday. They say she was micro-chipped and it was registered.

message was immediately left for her family that she was at the Campbell County Animal Shelter waiting for them to get here.

The family arrived at the shelter to pick her up Saturday with an 'extraordinary story' the shelter said.

Ginger had been missing for 18 months.

Her family, who lives in the Petersburg area, had posted photos of her in their local area for weeks, but felt like someone had taken Ginger.

They never gave up hope though, and believed they would be reunited with her.

The family told shelter volunteers that on the way to Rustburg to get her, they just couldn't believe they were finally about to have her in their arms again.

Shelter officials said this reunion was all because the family chose to get Ginger micro-chipped and registered her.

No one knows how Ginger made her way 120 miles to Campbell County, but her story has a happy ending!



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