Will an 11-year-old face charges for fabricating a kidnapping story?

The Bedford County Sheriff's Office said it's investigating after an 11-year-old girl fabricated a story about being kidnapped.

Just hour before the sheriff's office revealed that the story was fabricated, the girl said two men tried to kidnap her while she was outside riding her bike in front of her home in Moneta.

Bedford County Sheriff Captain Mike Miller says they had about six-eight deputies covering this case, including their lead investigator.

Captain Miller said these deputies could have focused their efforts on really keeping the public safe, but instead they spent their time talking with neighbors, patrolling the streets, and digging through surveillance video -- all to discover the story was made up.

He said they realized after looking at the video that no cars passed that fit the description the girl gave.

"There is a thing called false report to a police officer," Miller said. "So we have to look at all areas and understand that there are consequences to our actions."

He said there a several reasons why the story could have been made up.

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