Local victims of DISH Network scam are calling for an investigation

A local couple says they got tricked by someone claiming to be a DISH Network agent.

Jim and Pat Hignett say the agent offered a new deal that would lower their monthly bill for a year, and add a few new channels. But, they were told they had to pay $50.00 up front.

The Hignett's paid it with a credit card and provided their DISH account number, and the extra channels did show up.

However, Thursday the alleged agent called again with an even better deal, asking for more money.

Now the wiser, they declined and called DISH, which told them they don't call customers to lower their rates.

"They may have inside information, and that needs to be investigated by DISH and security be put in place to stop it," said Jim Hignett.

"I thought, because they had so much information about the account, that it was ok," said Pat Hignett.

Get the full story from ABC-13 WSET.


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