FDA recalls four types of birth control due to a packaging issue

The Food and Drug Administration issued a voluntary recall of birth control due to a packaging issue that may affect the dosage of the medication.

Four types of birth control made by Apotex Corporation are directly being recalled due to incorrect tablet arrangements and/or empty blister pockets.

The birth control medications affected are Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol tablets with the following lot numbers:

  • 7DY008A
  • 7DY009A
  • 7DY0010A
  • 7DY0011A

According to the FDA, when a patient does not take a tablet due to a missing tablet or that a patient takes a placebo instead of an active tablet, loss of efficacy is possible due to variation in the dosage consumed.

Get the full story HERE from ABC-13 WSET.


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