Lynchburg teachers unhappy with pay proposal; call for larger raise

Teacher pay has long been literally a hot topic, leaving those on the receiving end of the paychecks fuming.

The organization Teachers United With a Voice presented data indicating the board showed its highest appreciation financially back in 2008.

They say board members fail to recognize that, with the proposed pay scale, half of the teachers would make less than someone on the same pay step in 2008.

They presented some examples, with one step showing how a roughly $60,000.00/year pay back in 2008 would now be $56,000.00 under the new scale for 2019-20.

This means the teacher paid under that scale would make less than they would have 12 years ago.

"We do not appreciate the final salary scale for the upcoming year. It falls short in showing financial appreciation for many of our educators, especially our veteran teachers," said John Meadows with Teachers United With A Voice.

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