SeaQuest Is Coming To Lynchburg This Summer!

A new experience is making its way to River Ridge mall this summer!

SeaQuest is a hands-on interactive animal experience that includes reptiles, birds, mammals, sharks, stingrays, and much more!

Construction on the attraction begins in March and is expected to open late summer.

“SeaQuest is going to be a wonderful addition to our community. Families, schools, church groups and more across central Virginia and beyond will have the opportunity to experience the wonder of sea life while having a fun and educational experience. The addition of SeaQuest is just the beginning of what’s to come at River Ridge," said Craig Pettitt, Vice President of Retail Real Estate at Liberty University.

SeaQuest will feature over 22,000 square feet of interactive animal adventures such as exotic sea life in Caribbean Cove, tropical birds in Amazon Rainforest, reptiles in Egyptian Desert, otters, sharks, and eels waiting to be hand fed along the Great Wall of China.

Additional details: ABC 13

Below is a video walk through of the SeaQuest attraction in Las Vegas.



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