What You'll See During This Month's Solar Eclipse

People grow excited as the first contiguous solar eclipse since 1979 prepares to cross the nation on August 21, 2017. 

The next time this will happen is October 14, 2023. 

Where will it cross? What will you see? What do you need to do to prepare? 


NASA has lots of resources on their website, including information on the science of a solar eclipse. 

Vox has an interactive map that you can enter your zip code and not only get what time you can see the eclipse but how much of an eclipse you'll see. 

Lynchburg: Peak time is 2:41pm and the moon will obscure 89% of the sun. 

Roanoke: Peak time is 2:40pm and the moon will obscure 90% of the sun. 

Charlotte NC: Peak time is 2:41 and the moon will obscure 98% of the sun. 

Washington DC (National Mall): Peak time is 2:42 and the moon will obscure 81% of the sun. 

Check ABC13 for more information. 


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